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Whitefish Falls Spectacular La Cloche Country

Three geological zones merge near Whitefish Falls, so rock collectors can find interesting samples there. A lovely picnic area and museum are located at Stanley White Park next to the pool below scenic Whitefish Falls. With direct access onto the Bay of Islands and the North Channel, boating, swimming and fishing are superb. Bass, pickerel, pike and muskellunge abound in these waters and resort operators can give their guests true wilderness experiences in unspoiled surroundings. For a gorgeous view of the landscape, take the Willisville Road off Hwy 6. Bright, quartz mountains gleam against dark pines and hardwoods that somehow cling to naked rock without soil. Glacier-scoured hills and islands have smooth, pleasing curves while cliffs expose shattered ramparts in this land of contrasts. Hikers can see unparalleled views from Heaven’s Gate Trail that begins to the right of the tower entrance opposite Willisville Rd.

McGregor Bay’s islands are pastel pink and green, mottled by colourful lichens that contrast with the brilliant blue water. Scenery through the Split Rock Channel is particularly scenic. Several, less crowded canoe routes are possible into spectacular Killarney Provincial Park via the northwest entrance through Charlton Lake. Canoe rentals and permits for park access are available at Widgawa Road, north of Whitefish Falls.This end of the park is not as busy as the south entrance, and portages as far as Great Mountain Lake are easy. The historic Cramer Cabin, built in 1922, provides an interesting place to visit on an island in Howry Lake.

The North Channel of Lake Huron is truly a boater’s paradise since the region combines the unspoiled splendor of the islands and dazzling La Cloche Mountains with the convenient services of local harbours. Places of exceptional beauty are the Benjamin Islands and Baie Fine that lies between the jagged Blue Ridge and Killarney Ridge. This spectacular fiord ends in a hidden pool surrounded by high hills. Topaz Lake, set like a gem among the mountains, is accessible by trail from the pool.

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