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St. Clair Township’s camping and recreational facilities are second to none. Located north of Sombra, Branton Cundick Park and Cathcart Park campgrounds offer river front access and quiet relaxation with serviced sites, showers and playgrounds. Located south of Sombra, MacDonald Park and Marshy Creek Park have scenic picnic areas or a pavilion while Brander Park also features a splash pad and playground.

Sombra Village is the location of the first ferry crossing south of Sarnia from Marine City, Michigan. The service operates daily to shuttle pedestrians and vehicles across the river non-stop every 15 minutes. This is a quick and convenient way to cross the border and it avoids the line-ups that bridge crossings often encounter. Sombra is a quaint village where boutiques, galleries and cafés offer their wares along the parkway, which is lined with ornate lampposts. Take a nostalgic stroll through the distinctive Sombra Museum. This 1880’s pioneer home exhibits a wonderful collection of Victorian artifacts, clothing, furniture and a Marine Room. The museum opens on weekend afternoons from mid-May to June, and daily June to Sep. 30.

Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the St. Clair Parkway (Rd. 33) that links all the communities along the river from Port Lambton to Corunna with a series of flowerbeds, parks, picnic areas, beaches and boat launches. The dazzling, turquoise-blue oasis plays host to thousands of migratory birds each season, ranging from American Bald eagles and graceful Tundra swans to numerous species of ducks and shore birds. Boating enthusiasts can marvel at the wide range of watercraft that ply this international waterway, ranging from kayaks to freighters measuring over 300 metres in length. These sights can also be viewed by hiking, cycling or roller-skating along the St. Clair River Trail, which hugs 16 kilometers of shoreline south from Corunna for safe, traffic-free recreation.

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