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Petrolia Canada's Victorian Oil Town

Petrolia in the nineteenth century was the birthplace of the world’s oil refining industry and the richest town in Canada.  Remnants of the oil boom glory days are still visible in town.  The downtown is attractively styled in keeping with its heritage of manicured parks, flowerbeds, well-tended properties and charming Victorian architecture.   Buildings unique to the affluent oil boom include Petrolia’s Victoria Hall and library.  Mansions complete with elegant woodwork, ostentatious towers and stained glass windows can be seen as outlined in a heritage walking tour brochure of Petrolia.  Boutiques, restaurants, bed and breakfast homes, golf and live theatre entertain visitors.  Local producers of fresh, wholesome foods come to the Petrolia Farmers’ Market on Fletcher Street (behind the library) on Saturday mornings from May 24 – October 11. Bridgeview Park in Petrolia has a covered bridge, picnic shelter and washrooms beside the creek and pond.  The Petrolia Discovery Trail loops through the park, encountering Kentucky Coffee trees and historic relics.  The trails are perfect for walking or cycling and trail maps are available at Town Hall.

Victoria Playhouse Petrolia presents professional theatre and concerts in its air-conditioned hall with an audio assist system and wheelchair access.  The hall has superb acoustics and an intimate view of the stage.  Artistic directors David Hogan and David Rogers, well known across the region for their Starbright Summer Festival and Starbright Christmas, work together with VPP Music Director Mark Payne to present stellar theatre experiences of the highest professional calibre throughout the summer season and concerts into the fall and winter seasons. 

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