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Oil Springs North America's first Commercial Oil Well

Many historic sites can be explored with an Oil Historical Audio Driving Tour from the Oil Museum of Canada. Ingenious jerker lines that power several pumps from a single motor, rigs and a rail tanker car are set up in the area where many wells are still producing oil. Whimsical metal sculptures enhance the oil fields where ghostly cranks creak as they turn ancient oil pumps.

At Oil Springs, the museum presents a movie and many new exhibits that show how oil was formed under the earth's crust. A diorama dramatizes the adventures of early oilmen who prospected for, drilled and extracted oil in foreign countries. See North America's first commercial oil well and gum beds that prompted oil exploration in the region. On site are a blacksmith shop, horse-drawn tanker wagon, train station, log cabin post office, and gas compressor station as well as a picnic shelter and lamp-lit trail to the Oil Springs playground and skate park. Other unusual artifacts include an antique lamp display, fossils and minerals, the famous Red Adair fire fighting suit, a bird egg collection, butterfly collection, Fraser clock collection and exotic souvenirs brought from around the world by oilmen.

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