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Blyth Discover the Magic of Blyth Historic Village

Blyth’s community spirit is evident in the energetic events that thrive with volunteer effort of residents. The Blyth Festival reflects the local ethos of the village with its cutting-edge plays by talented playwrights performed by professional actors. In keeping with its venue in the Memorial Hall that serves as both a community space and cenotaph, Blyth Festival theatre pays homage to the Canadian identity in both playful and reverent fashion. Many of its plays are firmly rooted in rural traditions, which will speak clearly to anyone who has connections with farming culture.

The Greenway Trail is a recreational path that runs off County Rd 4 from Bainton’s store, providing a scenic jaunt along the former railway corridor. The trail encounters interpretive signposts, a butterfly garden, an historic stone railway arch and old swimming hole at Blyth Brook.

Extreme Birdhouse versions, from castles to cottages, can be seen at the shop yard in Belgrave north of Blyth. The fantastic houses for communal nesting birds are built from recycled barn boards.

Blyth is also the home of two huge fashion retailers that have been there long before manufacturers’ outlets came into vogue. Shoppers can indulge in designer garments and the natural beauty of wool and leathers of every possible kind, colour and style at The Old Mill located just south of Blyth on Hwy 4 and Bainton’s in downtown Blyth. As well as doing garment repairs, carrying the latest fashions and the very best quality products, these establishments began tanning leather, milling wool and sewing gloves as early as 1848, so their wealth of experience with those products translates into better service for their customers.

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