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Birch Island/McGregor Bay A Place of Dreams

Scattered across Great La Cloche Island are huge boulders. Natives once struck these rocks to send signals. Hence, voyageurs named the islands La Cloche, meaning "the bell" in French. The legendary Dreamer's Rock, located at Sunshine Alley Rd, is an aboriginal sacred site where people go on spiritual vision quests. Permission to visit the site must first be obtained from Whitefish River First Nation office at Birch Island.

Killarney Provincial Park, the jewel of Ontario's wilderness parks, is accessible via Hwy 637, Hwy 6 near Willisville or Lake Panache via Road 10. The stunning La Cloche Mountains contain lakes that are famous for their azure colour and clarity. Hiking trails provide access to interior lakes and high ridges with panoramic vistas from the Silhouette Trail and Silver Peak, the highest point in the park.

The North Channel of Lake Huron is truly a boater’s paradise since the region combines the unspoiled splendor of the islands and dazzling La Cloche Mountains with the convenient services of local harbours. Places of exceptional beauty are the Benjamin Islands in the North Channel and Baie Fine that lies between the jagged Blue Ridge and Killarney Ridge. This spectacular fiord ends in a hidden pool surrounded by high hills. Topaz Lake, set like a gem among the mountains, is accessible by trail from the north side of the pool. Local boat charters provide the ultimate escape to these nautical nooks for beginners or experienced sailors can captain their own boats.

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