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Bala Ontario's Cranberry Capital

Bala is a charming village in the heart of Muskoka Lakes’ “cottage country”. It features notable art galleries and studios, shops, restaurants and entertainment adjacent to beautiful water cascades and picnic areas that overlook the Moon River at the outlet of Lake Muskoka. Jaspen Park, on Rd. 38, has a beach and playground. Windsor Park has a dock and picnic area where Tuesday night Water Ski Shows are held during summer. A Farmers’ Market opens on Mondays during summer. The area is known for its cranberry bogs where berries are harvested each fall by flooding the bogs and skimming the floating fruit off the water. The Bala Cranberry Festival celebrates the harvest the weekend after Thanksgiving with all sorts of displays, food preparations and entertainment. Muskoka Lakes information centre is located at 3181 Highway 169.

Bala's Museum has one of the best “Anne of Green Gables” memorabilia collections and rare book editions. The museum is located at the corner of River and Maple St. Its owners conduct personal tours of their rare exhibits Tue.- Thu. 12-4; Fri.- Sun. 1–4 p.m., closed Mondays.

Torrance Barrens nature reserve, located on Southwood Rd 13 south of Torrance, has trails over intriguing alvars where Ontario’s only lizard, the Five-lined skink can be found. It is also a Dark Sky Sanctuary where stargazing is simply amazing!

 Hardy Lake Provincial Nature Reserve is located east of Torrance on Highway 169. A parking lot is located 1 km. west of Walker's Point Road junction. The park has 11 km. of trails and boardwalks through mixed forest and wetlands, swimming and canoeing in Hardy Lake.

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